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Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib Secondary Girls


A plastic artist
Bachelor of art education in art education
I participated in many group exhibitions
Exhibition of art and engineering in glass and lighting in the Hall of the Faculty of Art Education Helwan
University 6-5-2014
Exhibition of visual arts with wood veneer in Sakyet El Sawy at elklma Hall 11-5-2015
*Bashayer Art Exhibition at Al Jazeera Art Center 2015
*International Day of Museums, Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum 2016
*Painting Workshop of Youth Salon at the Arts Palace 27 th of 2016-2017
*Zamalek Art Festival Second Session 2017
*The Egyptian Forum of Traditional and Contemporary Ornaments Second session 4-4-2017
Art Competition of Serbia under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture in the hall of the martyr Ahmed Bassiouni Faculty of Art Education 2017